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Hedge Trimmer

Professional Hedge Trimmer featuring the new high performance engine and gearing system specifically designed for a lightweight professional hedgetrimmer.

The combination of cutter geometry and gearing is specially designed for heavy pruning. With a blade speed of 3,000 rpm powerful cutting can be achieved. Precisely calculated spring elements effectively minimise the amount of vibration transmitted to the user’s hands.

Designed to be exceptionally long lasting with a very robust engine & housing construction and a long-life filter system. The double-sided blades and 180° rotating rear handle lets you operate comfortably in a variety of cutting positions.

Rockingham Hire Pricing
  • 1/2 Day $50
  • Full Day $75


More Information

Powerful 750mm Hedge Trimmer for cutting hedges in commercial and professional applications.
Lightweight hedge trimmer with rotating multi-function handle and double-sided cutting blades in cutting version.
Lower blade speed for more powerful cutting.

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